Sencha bulk tea 50g Budo

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Sencha bulk tea with Japanese grapes natural flavor
Sencha bulk tea 50g Budo

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Sencha  leaf100g .

Sencha is the hospitality of Japan.

It is used to welcome guests.

It represents the balance between flavor and astringency.

Its subtle flavor makes it very refreshing liquor.

Meanwhile fresh and invigorating its vitamin C and catechins (antioxidants) will accompany you throughout the day.

It is also advisable during work breaks for its calming effect and for his help with concentration.

Additional Information

Weight in grams 50 g
Type Bulk tea
Origin Japan
Usage tip

If you wish to highlight the side of tonic Sencha, use warmer water (75 to 80 ° c ° and a shorter infusion time (40 to 50s).

If instead we want to bring out the sweet side, use a water cooler (60 to 70 ° c) and an infusion time of 1 minute.

To make iced sencha, put 1 tablespoon of Sencha in a bottle of water and let steep for 2 hours minimum cold.

Then filter the brew and enjoy.

The cold infusion gives a softer liquor (no tannin) and get a color more greedy.